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Jasper Hill Farm Aged Cheese
Looking good for their age: An assortment of gorgeous artisanal aged cheeses from Jasper Hill Farm of Vermont.



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Favorite Links - Cheese



American Cheese Society
If you live for great cheese, you can join the farmstead and artisanal cheesemakers in the ACS as an “enthusiast” and attend the annual conference and world-renowned cheese competition, culminating in the Festival of Cheeses in July.

Cheddar, Wine and Beer Pairings
Good content on pairing different classic and flavored cheddars with different wines and beers. Brews are matched specifically to the products of Cabot, an excellent Vermont producer; but applicable to any cheddars.  If you and your posse are cheddaristas, this will enable you to put together an enjoyable evening.
Ale and lager pairings:

Red and white wine pairings:

Cheese Library
Descriptions and technical information on the great cheeses of the world.

Cheesemaker Tours
From the American Dairy Association.  Includes a map of cheesemakers around the country who offer you free tours of their facilities, have tastings and cheese-making classes. Also an “ask the experts” page where you submit your questions about cheese.

Cheesemaking Courses
Classes in the northeast and some national events.

Great Cheeses of New England
Good reference on cheese types.

Making Cheese At Home
The site of a professional photographer and amateur cheesemaker Jim Wallace who chronicles his efforts and may inspire you to start making cheese at home.

Stilton Cheese
Everything you’ve always wanted to know about the “King of Cheeses”—including the fact that it has never been made in the town of Stilton.

Vermont Cheese Council
A virtual tour of cheesemaking and a guide to the Vermont Cheese Trail, cheesemakers whose facilities are open to the public.  Great idea for a weekend get-away for a family vacation.


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Nibble Tips

For variety on your cheese plate, serve dried fruits and shelled almonds, walnuts, and pecans in addition to fresh fruits.

Midwest Dairy Association Blue Cheese

Try sweet white dessert wines with your blues: Sauternes, Vourays, late harvest Rieslings & Gewurztraminers. You'll be singing the blues in a happy way. Photo courtesy of the Midwest Dairy Association




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