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 Beautiful Bivalves in Butter
Beautiful buttery bivalves...who could resist? Photo courtesy of



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About Seafood
The National Fishery Institute’s site offering a seafood dictionary and FAQs, nutritional data, and recipes.

The Lobsterman’s Page
Truly everything you could ever ask about this crustacean.

Oceans Alive
A guide to fish that are healthy for the oceans and safe to eat. Learn about seafood and your health and fish to avoid.

If you’d like to recommend a favorite site, click here.

Nibble Tip

A quick and easy first course or hors d’oeuvre is a trio of miniature blinis, each with a different color of caviar. Put a dab of crème fraîche on each and top with the caviars. Depending on your budget, try salmon, golden whitefish and a flavored whitefish; or treat your guests to American or Caspian sturgeon. Without the sturgeon, it’s a relatively inexpensive and high-impact course.

Amusebouche Trio from Petrossian

Red tuna, anchovies, and sardines are the
key ingredients in this wonderful amuse
bouche trio. Photo courtesy of Petrossian.


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