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Chef Eric Culinary Dictionary 

This site features indispensable tools such as a culinary dictionary and an ingredients converter. The converter is a free downloadable tool that will help you to convert metric measures to imperial measures and vice versa.

Cookery Art Culinary Dictionary

A good culinary dictionary in the middle of a recipe site, that also includes such miscellaneous content as a guide to dining etiquette and how to use chopsticks.

Food Timeline
Ever wonder what the ancient Egyptians ate? Who invented the croissant? The origin of sushi? It’s all here.

Hormel Glossary of Kitchen and Food Terms

An easy-to-use and thorough reference work, with many beautiful photographs. There’s lots more to explore on the Hormel website.

Linda’s Culinary Dictionary

Don't let its no-frills appearance fool you: the historic references are scholarly and exciting, and the pancake entry lists the way 20 different cultures treat these flat cakes. Be sure to check out Linda’s articles on the history of just about every kind of food, from Baked Alaska to the Hawaiian fast food favorite Moco Loco.

The Cook’s Thesaurus

A cooking encyclopedia that covers thousands of ingredients and kitchen tools. Descriptions are detailed and include great photos.

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Nibble Tip

Did you know that vinegar is mentioned twice in the Bible? That Cleopatra dissolved a pearl in it and drank it on a bet with Marc Antony? That the Roman legions drank it every day to ward off illness? Why not use the vast resources of the Internet to research the foods you eat. Take turns presenting interesting facts and anecdotes. It will enliven dinner conversation, and you’ll never look at the food with disinterest again.


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