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Chinese Pork Salad
Simple and elegant Asian cuisine is always a treat. Photo courtesy of the National Pork Board.



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Favorite Links ~ Asian Cuisine


Asian Ingredient Guide
Look up all those unusual and exciting ingredients here. Great photos.

Chinese Imperial Cuisines
A fascinating explanation and comparison of the Imperial cuisines of China, the least of which is how some of those dishes got their names.

Dim Sum Talk
Interesting explanation on a commercial manufacturer’s site of the origin of 10 popular forms of dim sum.

Eating China
Chinese food culture and history.  An attractive and informative site for Chinese food devotees.

Malaysian Food
An overview of the cuisine, a multi-ethnic stew of Malay, Indian, Eurasian, Chinese, and other cuisines.

New Asian Cuisine
A site from America’s top chefs who focus on the cuisines of the Pacific Rim. Chef interviews, recipes, reference materials and sources. Sign up for the newsletter.

Feel free to recommend your own favorite top Asian food websites

Nibble Tip

Experiment with Asian flavors by integrating them into your traditional summer barbecue: try a thin slice of pickled ginger instead of tomato on your hamburger, replace relish on your hot dog with spicy kimchi, and splash soy sauce on, well, everything.


Sushi from MorgueFile
The tangy sweet smell of sushi rice, the
crunch of crisp vegetables and the beauty of
fresh raw fish make maki rolls a favorite
nibble. Photo courtesy of

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