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 Coffee Cup from Morguefile
Whether you are drinking decaf or a triple espresso, a cup of coffee in the morning is a great way to start the day. Photo courtesy of



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Favorite Links ~ Coffee


The Art of Coffee Cupping
Coffee cupping is similar to wine tasting, but you don’t drink the coffee. Instead, you lean to distinguish origin and quality by analyzing the ground beans.  This is great information for the apprentice connoisseur. Have a cupping party!

Coffee Review
This website “educates and entertains” foodservice professionals, the trade, and consumer aficionados with blind reviews from leading experts in the specialty coffee industry.

Coffee Science Information Center
If you have questions about the effect of coffee on health, here’s where you’ll find answers.

Coffee Science Source
A service of the National Coffee Association, this website has the most up-to-date scientific research on coffee and caffeine.

Custom Group Tour to Mexican Coffee Plantation
Higher Grounds Trading Co. will take your group on an unforgettable and inspiring Fair Trade expedition to the coffee growing highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. A Fair Trade Certified label guarantees that farmers received a fair price for their products, that their children can go to school instead of working in the fields, and that they can continue artisanal practices to produce top quality products.   

Espresso! My Espresso!
If you are an espresso-holic, you will appreciate this site: the work work of one man who roasts and blends his own beans (for starters).

Fresh Cup
The trade magazine of the specialty coffee and tea industry. This website is for those who want to be on top of trends and new products before they hit the consumer press.

How To Use A Press Pot
Tips from an expert on making the perfect pressed coffee.

The Milk Frothing Guide
Why pay Starbucks?  The secrets are here.

National Coffee Association
The history of coffee, and the “official word” on how to store and brew a great cup. The “scoop” includes how Kenyan coffee is different from Hawaiian coffee is different from Colombian coffee, etc.

If you’d like to recommend a favorite site, click here.

Nibble Tip

Searching for a great gift for the coffee fanatic in your life? Check out our Coffee Lovers Gift-Finder.


Cafe Au Lait
Cafe au lait is a rich and creamy way to enjoy
your favorite beans. Photo courtesy of


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