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Ted Demopoulos, author of Secrets of Successful Blogging, told the Sacramento Bee in May 2007 that of the 71 million bloggers in the world, there are upwards of “48,000 food bloggers” in the U.S. Probably, no one will ever visit them all. But we’ve found more than a few that are worth a visit.

Let us know which of the 48,000 are your favorite food blogs. We’ve divided our own selections into:


Nibble Tip

You don’t need to start a blog, but you should keep a kitchen diary. Keep a book in your kitchen—or a document on your computer—of entertaining occasions and what you’ve served to which guests. It serves as a mind-jogger of what was popular, what dishes didn’t fly, who didn’t like fish, who has peanut allergies, et cetera. It also will remind you not to serve the same dishes to the same people next time!



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