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 Maple Glazed Spareribs
Some of the tastiest meats are also the most fun to eat. Spareribs are always a good excuse to set aside the silverware and eat with your hands. Photo courtesy of the National Pork Board.



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Haggis Hunt
A tongue-in-cheek site riffing on the oft-maligned Scottish pudding made of sheep innards and cooked in the stomach of the sheep.  This site focuses on the annual contest for the “hunt” of the Haggis.

Niman Ranch Tours
Each season Niman Ranch cattle and lamb ranchers and hog farmers offer educational on-site tours to people wanting to learn more about their hormone-free products produced with time-honored techniques. This feature is buried within the site, but go to the “Farmers & Ranchers” section and check out “Ranch Tours.”


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Nibble Tip

Transform pork chops and steak from your local supermarket into a mouthwatering main course: try gourmet marinades, rubs and glazes (check out some of our favorites in the Main Nibbles). The’re an easy way to add life to a simple cut of meat and win over your dining companions.

Meat from MorgueFile
Love bacon? Want the best? Check out our
section on Gourmet Meats and Poultry to learn more about the artisanal approach to makin’ bacon. Photo courtesy of


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