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 Sake cups
Sake cups come in many shapes and designs from casual ceramic to glass and fine crystal. Square wood and lacquered boxes (not pictured) are also popular. Photo courtesy of Joy of Sake.



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Favorite Links ~ Sake


Joy of Saké

Sponsored by the International Saké Association, this website has information about saké and saké tastings.


SakéOne Sakéry

The only American-owned sakéry, founded in 1997 in Forest Grove, Oregon (a half hour west of Portland), is open for tasting and tours daily from noon to 5 p.m. (except on the seven major national holidays).

Saké Bar

Created by Hakkaisan, a boutique brewery, this website is packed with comprehensive information on the history of saké, how it's made, how to drink it, tidbits to serve with it, and a slew of saké cocktail recipes.

If you’d like to recommend a favorite site, click here.

Nibble Tip

Sake is great in the kitchen. It is a rice wine, and can be used like grape wine in cooking. Keep a carton of an inexpensive variety on hand to use in stews, marinate meats, or to poach fish. It will impart its delicate flavors to the food and add a freshness to any dish.


Sake from Joyofsake

Explore the rich history of Japan by learning all
about how sake came to be such an important
part of Japanese culture. If you don't have time
to read a book, check with your local Japan
Society or university about lectures. Photo
courtesy of Joy of Sake.


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