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Soda Cans
Fizzy and refreshing, a soda is a great companion to almost anything. Photo courtesy of



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Favorite Links ~ Soft Drinks


American Beverage Association
The trade association of the non-alcoholic beverage industry (soft drinks, ready-to-drink teas and coffees, bottled waters, fruit juices, fruit drinks, sports and energy drinks). Information on legislation, science, technology, and recycling.

The Beverage Network
The beverage industry’s news source, including all the new product introductions.  Happy Bunny Spaz Juice: Guaraviton with guarana. Chronic 187 soda. Shirley Temple Soda with a real maraschino cherry inside.  There are 30,000 new products introduced to grocery stores every year—most of which don’t make it. If you’re a beverage junkie, tune in.

The Root Beer Authority
Even serious root beer lovers will discover new things at this site. Check out their root beer philosophy and compare it to your own.

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Nibble Tip

Make juice spritzers as an alternative to soda. All you need is your favorite fruit juice and club soda. Fill about halfway with juice and then add club soda until the mixture reaches your desired fizziness. (It’s what Fizzy Lizzy and other popular brands do).

Glass of Soda MorgueFile

Specialty sodas come in so many flavors and
colors that you can always find one to match
your taste (and mood, and outfit and car).
Photo by Dean Jenkins.


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