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 Tomato Plunged in Water from MorgueFile
Drink plenty of water. Photo courtesy of



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Favorite Links - Water



A site designed to be the definitive voice for water connoisseurs and their accompanying lifestyle. The site, and associated online community, is the idea of Dr. Michael Mascha, a food anthropologist and culinary expert.

Hydration Calculator
How much water do you need?  You won’t like the answer (which is much more than you’re drinking right now).  Good facts about when and why you need to imbibe.

Mineral Waters of the World
There are 2900 mineral waters available from 115 different countries from A (Algeria, 10 brands) to Z  (Zimbabwe, 1 brand).  You won’t find them all on your grocer’s shelf but you will find them on this website by country, by analysis, rated, facts, and myths.  Italy takes first place with 584 brands and the country everyone would thinks of first is a distant third. 

Water Labels of the World
If you want to see the labels of many of the aforementioned waters, Frederic Saby, a French collector, has gathered them onto a website.  Many have links back to the manufacturer’s website.


If you’d like to recommend a favorite site, click here.


Nibble Tip

Turn a pitcher of tap water into a cleansing spa drink. Slice lemons, oranges and cucumbers and place into pitcher. Fill halfway with ice and the rest of the way with water. It will make the hottest day of the year a lot more pleasant.

Waterglass Photo

Is there anything more refreshing that a tall glass of water? Photo by Michael Connors courtesy of




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