Rachel's Probiotic YogurtRachel’s line of gourmet yogurts is probiotic, enhanced with Omega 3s, kosher...and fashionable. Why didn’t they put the words “probiotic” on the front of the container? They’d sell more to probiotic-hungry Americans! Read our full review of Rachel’s yogurt.



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April 2007
Updated April 2008

Product Reviews / NutriNibbles

What Is Probiotic Food?

Part VII: Conclusions About Probiotics


This is Part VII of a seven-part article. Use the index below to click back and forth among the pages.





A short paper from the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) proposes a “multi-disciplinary approach" (microbiologists, dieticians, nutritionists, clinicians, immunologists, etc.) to the further understanding of any value of probiotics in intestinal flora. The group proposes studies conducted on sound scientific principles, with in vitro human studies much preferred to those employing lab animals. The ISAPP also calls for “correlated studies of the gut flora of diseased vs. healthy humans.” I hope to see much more research of this type carried out.

If I had AAD or Clostridium difficile, or MRSA, or if I had an infant with diarrhea, would I be trying probiotics as a remedy? Yes. But under normal conditions, given that so much remains to be discovered about what probiotics really can and can’t do, consuming every probiotic food or supplement that comes down the pike simply because it contains friendly bacteria, or consuming very large quantities of probiotics, doesn’t make sense to me. I consume both yogurt and kefir regularly because I believe they are good foods and because I enjoy them. But for me, and at this point, any probiotic benefit is a secondary consideration, albeit one of increasing interest and possibilities. Our grasp of the world of probiotics has increased greatly over the past decade. The body of well-documented information will continue to expand, and there is some excellent potential for probiotics to help with a number of conditions and illnesses. But the incomplete knowledge researchers possess right now should remind consumers that many health claims for probiotics must be taken with a grain of salt.



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