Panettone makes great French toast! Photo by Gabriel T | Sxc. Did you get a panettone for Christmas? Panettone is the Italian version of fruitcake, a fluffy, sweet yeast bread dotted with raisins, candied lemon and orange peel (called pan dulce in Latin America). In Italy, this tall, dome-shaped, airy Christmas yeast bread, which dates… Continue reading “FOOD TIP OF THE DAY: Panettone”

REVIEW: Liz Lovely Cookies

If you haven’t yet gotten gifts for your favorite organic food fans, print out our review of Liz Lovely Cookies, wrap it in a recyclable box (or send an email with a link to the review, saying “Here’s what I got you for Christmas—they’ll arrive fresh-baked in January”), and point out that the gift will… Continue reading “REVIEW: Liz Lovely Cookies”

FOOD TIP OF THE DAY: Alcohol-Free Cocktails & Recipe

For guests who need a lift, this cocktail was made with sparkling grapefruit Hiball energy drink instead of regular soda.   Instead of relegating non-drinking guests to an evening of mineral water, create a special alcohol-free cocktail menu to make their evening festive. Give it a sophisticated name for cachet. One option is the “Great… Continue reading “FOOD TIP OF THE DAY: Alcohol-Free Cocktails & Recipe”

NEWS: Culinary Scholarship Available ASAP

The Italian Trade Commission is offering a scholarship to study Italian cuisine, to someone seeking to change careers. The recipient will study at New York City’s Italian Culinary Academy, sister school to The French Culinary Institute and alma mater to chefs such as The Food Network’s Bobby Flay, Blue Hill’s Dan Barber, WD-40’s Wylie Dufresne… Continue reading “NEWS: Culinary Scholarship Available ASAP”

RECIPES: Last Chance Easy Holiday Recipes

Who can resist Chocolate Peppermint Pie?   Still searching for that special recipe for Christmas or New Year’s Eve? – Turn your cheese tray into a Cheese Christmas Tree. – Serve this crowd-pleasing Chocolate Peppermint Pie. – Entertain the adults with this Chocolate Stout Ice Cream Float—impressive and made in seconds. – Make elegant Cranberry… Continue reading “RECIPES: Last Chance Easy Holiday Recipes”