RECIPES: Election Night Cocktails

The Obama Rama. The Obama Poma. 10 Cane On The Baracks. The McCane Mojito. John 10 Cane Punch.   If you’re planning an election night get-together, the folks at 10 Cane Rum have made it easy to celebrate (or drown your sorrows) with these toasts to the candidates. OBAMA DRINKS Obama-RamaA nod to Obama’s home… Continue reading “RECIPES: Election Night Cocktails”

QUIZ & CONTEST: Fun With Mustard

The folks at French’s have conjured up some condiment fun for you at -First, there’s a Condiment IQ Quiz that’s quite eye-opening. Here’s one giveaway: If you switch from mayo to mustard on your daily sandwich, you’ll save almost 10,000 calories in a 12-week period. The average person would have to run 73 miles… Continue reading “QUIZ & CONTEST: Fun With Mustard”

HALLOWEEN: Perfect Party Favor

If you’re looking for something sophisticated and sweet to give special guests on Halloween, may we suggest Sugardaddy’s seasonal Harvest Sumptuous Sweetie? This round blondie is made with a rich pumpkin purée, a 5-spice harvest blend, chopped walnuts and white chocolate chunks, then topped with an apricot cardamom swirl. It‘s a memorable way to celebrate… Continue reading “HALLOWEEN: Perfect Party Favor”

RECIPES: Gourmet Pizzas

October is National Pizza Month. This most popular of American dishes started out as a primitive flatbread and cheese meal somewhere in the Mediterranean region. While pepperoni wins as America’s favorite topping, the folks at Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board—whose members make much of the great cheese that tops your pizzas—have developed some groovy recipes that… Continue reading “RECIPES: Gourmet Pizzas”

NEW PRODUCT: Alligetter Retrieves Hard-To-Reach Items

  People who drop one too many things down the garbage disposal may wish to spend $19.99 for the Alligetter retrieval tool. It keeps fingers and hands safe, and eliminates the “yuck” factor of reaching in to, say, the garbage disposal (according to research, there are more germs in a sink and garbage disposal than… Continue reading “NEW PRODUCT: Alligetter Retrieves Hard-To-Reach Items”