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TIP OF THE DAY: A Better Bloody Mary


Start the new year with a new Bloody
Mary recipe. Photo © S. Mario | Fotolia.

January 1 is Bloody Mary Day. Sure, you can reach for your favorite mixer and a bottle of vodka. But consider if there’s a better Bloody Mary waiting for you.

The world is full of them:

  • Bloody Mary variations without tomato juice: Bloody Bull, Bloody Eight Ball, Bloody Mariner and even the Bloody LeRoy, which replaces the tomato juice with barbecue juice (in case you have some barbecue in the fridge to go with it).
  • Latin-inspired Bloody Marys: Bloody Maria and Chipotle Maria
  • International Bloody Marys that replace vodka with the local favorite: Danish Mary, Highland Mary, Russian Mary and more.


As cocktails go, the Bloody Mary, with vodka, tomato juice, citrus juice, seasonings, and a celery stick, is as healthy as it gets. If your New Year’s Resolutions include dieting, switch that sugar-laden Appletini, Cosmo, Mojito or Margarita for the Mary of your choice (well, maybe not the Bloody LeRoy).

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