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PRODUCT: Rishi Iced Tea

We sampled hundreds of different foods during our first day of the Fancy Food Show.

In-between all that eating, you really need some refreshment!

Some people drink water; we head for the thirst-slaking tea. The iced black Peach & Passion tea from Ahmad Tea of London was a delicious relief; we downed three cups! You can find the tea on

And Rishi’s Citron Green “tropical” green tea offered soothing notes of lemongrass, lemon myrtle, fresh orange blossom, tangerine and jasmine flowers. A complex and exciting combination of flavors, it was voted “Best Green Iced Tea” at the 2006 World Tea Expo.

The tea is organic and Fair Trade Certified, and is available at

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Rishi’s Citron Green and Ahmad’s Peach
& Passion are two standout iced teas.
Photo courtesy Rishi Tea.

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