PRODUCT: MYdrap Napkins & Placemats

Rolls of colorful cloth napkins and place- mats create instant table décor. Photo courtesy MYdrap. Here’s something new: Elegant cloth cocktail napkins and dinner napkins, placemats and table runners that are manufactured in a roll and separated like paper towels. When you need to set the table, tear off what you need. No one but… Continue reading “PRODUCT: MYdrap Napkins & Placemats”

Tip Of The Day: Mise En Place

What’s mise en place (MEEZ on PLAHS)? It’s French for “everything in its place,” and it’s how cooks are trained from the outset to prepare recipes. It simply means that before starting to cook or bake, everything needed to prepare the recipe is gathered, pre-prepped (chopping onions or measuring flour, for example) and set on… Continue reading “Tip Of The Day: Mise En Place”

COOKING VIDEO: How To Slice Mushrooms

  Although National Mushroom Month draws to a close today, these tasty, low-calorie fungi should be enjoyed all year round. Learn from The French Culinary Institute’s Marc Bauer how to slice mushrooms evenly and with little waste. Substituting part or all of the meat in your recipe with mushrooms can help stretch your food budget.… Continue reading “COOKING VIDEO: How To Slice Mushrooms”

FOOD FACTS: Inventor Of The Coffee Filter

This 10-cup manual drip Melitta Coffeemaker set is just $12.95 at Today is National Coffee Day, but where would we be any day without coffee filters? Before 1908, coffee was a gritty affair. The percolators of the time tended to over-brew the coffee, making it too bitter. Espresso machines left grounds in the cup.… Continue reading “FOOD FACTS: Inventor Of The Coffee Filter”