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TIP OF THE DAY: Fresh Or Frozen Fruit

As we await the fresh fruits of spring and summer, we have the desire to bake a pie or two.

Should we use imported fresh fruits, or consider frozen domestic fruits?

Quick-frozen fruit, picked at the peak of ripeness, is a better bet than fruit that has been traveling for weeks in the hold of a ship.

Out of season, get your fruit in the freezer section, not in the produce department. The frozen fruit will deliver much more flavor.

Don’t thaw the fruit before baking. Just add an additional 5 to 10 minutes of baking time.

Have Some Pie Right Now

Take a look at our lovely Pie Glossary, and plan to bake a pie you haven’t tried before.

Find pie recipes in our Pie & Pastry Section.


Tons of sour cherries are quick-frozen during the short cherry season, so we can enjoy cherry pie year-round. Photo courtesy Cherry Marketing Institute.



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