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TIP OF THE DAY: Cold Brew Coffee ~ Easy Peasy & Lower Acid

Our Mac consultant introduced us to cold brew coffee several years ago. He lived next to a coffee bean shop and got the recommendation for the Toddy Cold Brew System from the shop’s owner.

The system turns a pound of your favorite ground coffee into a coffee concentrate via a slow, cold water drip. The coffee goes into the plastic brewing container, set atop a glass carafe. You add cold water, steep for 8-12 hours, and then let the concentrate filter into the carafe.

The carafe of concentrate goes into the fridge, where it stays fresh for three weeks. You add 1 part concentrate to 3 parts hot or cold water to make hot or iced coffee.

In the winter, we loved microwaving a cup of fresh-brewed-tasting coffee in 60 seconds. In the warm weather, we could easily create many cups of iced coffee.


You have to try it to believe how good the coffee is. Photo courtesy Toddy Products.


There are several reasons to love the Toddy Cold Brew System.

  • You save time. The coffee concentrate makes itself overnight. Then, no waiting for coffee to brew.
  • You save space in the fridge. If you drink a lot of iced coffee, you don’t have to refrigerate multiple pitchers that take up valuable shelf space.
  • The coffee is low acid. If you need a low-acid coffee, the Toddy brews coffee with 67% less acid than coffee made with hot brew methods. You can use any beans, but the system takes even more acid out of low acid coffee.
  • The coffee smells and tastes as good as fresh-brewed. You have to taste it to believe it.
  • The system can be used anywhere. It requires no electricity.
    You can run out and pick one up for Mother’s Day or order it online from Amazon for $34.95 plus free Super Saver Shipping.


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