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TIP OF THE DAY: Party Drink With Berries

A festive party drink: iced tea with fresh
berries. Photo © EugeneBochkarev |


How can you turn a plain iced tea, lemonade, soft drink or cocktail into a thing of beauty? With fresh berries!

Think small: The smaller berries, raspberries and strawberries, work best; you also may be able to find small grapes. If you’d like to add a couple of mint leaves, look for a bunch of mint with smaller leaves.


1. Berries float in liquid, so you need to layer the ice cubes and berries to anchor the fruit.

2. Add a berry to the glass, followed by a couple of ice cubes to hold the berry down. Keep layering, dispersing the berries evenly around the glass (i.e., not all on one side of the glass).

3. When you’re finished layering, add the liquid and serve.

4. Place a few berries on a cocktail pick as the garnish. When people are finished with the drink, they can use the pick to skewer the berries in the glass.



  • For Memorial Day and Independence Day, make a red, white and blue version with Sprite, gin-and-tonic or other clear drink.
  • For Christmas, use raspberries and mint leaves.
    What would you layer? Please share.

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