PRODUCT: 365 Brand Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt has become one of the stars at American supermarkets, experiencing a steady rise in sales. It has been pleasing palates across the nation. Why the love affair? Greek yogurts are triple-strained, removing excess whey. This delivers a sweeter flavor than conventional yogurts, which are known for their tartness. Thick and creamy, lowfat or… Continue reading “PRODUCT: 365 Brand Greek Yogurt”

TIP OF THE DAY: Fun With Food Presentation

A good caterer knows that presentation makes a big difference. At every event we attend, there’s usually a clever idea to bring home. Today, the tip is to repurpose the rocks glass. Elegant Affairs Caterers, which works in The Hamptons and metropolitan New York City, uses it instead of a conventional plate to layer a… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Fun With Food Presentation”