TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Thousand Layer Cake

Do Euforia thousand layer cakes really have 1,000 layers? No, but that doesn’t take away the enchantment of these twelve-layer cakes. Each thin, delicious, gluten-free layer is individually baked by artisans in Tucson, delivering moist texture and excellent lemon, spice or vanilla flavor. This is “anytime” cake: Enjoy a slice with coffee, tea, Madeira, Port,… Continue reading “TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Thousand Layer Cake”

COOKING VIDEO: Seven Layer Cake Recipe

  Since our Top Pick Of The Week is thousand layer cake, we thought we’d start you with something simpler: a seven layer cake. Presented by pastry chef Seth Greenberg, this yellow cake with chocolate ganache filling and frosting is sure to become a family favorite. Find more of our favorite cakes and recipes in… Continue reading “COOKING VIDEO: Seven Layer Cake Recipe”

TIP OF THE DAY: Cut Calories & Cholesterol (But Not Flavor) With Greek Yogurt

Instead of a cream sauce, use a fat-free, cholesterol-free yogurt sauce. See recipe below. Photo courtesy Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.   When we discovered nonfat Greek-style yogurt many years ago, we were able to give up our high-cholesterol, high-calorie sour cream and cream cheese habit, reduce the calories in dips and salad dressing, and cut… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Cut Calories & Cholesterol (But Not Flavor) With Greek Yogurt”