PRODUCT: Wine Wipes For Red Wine Lovers

We have a friend who enjoys hearty red wines. After a few glasses, his teeth become so stained that monster movie makeup specialists should take note. It’s not a pretty sight. If only he would carry Wine Wipes. Unfortunately, the product packaging, with its image of female lips, is not exactly unisex. But either sex… Continue reading “PRODUCT: Wine Wipes For Red Wine Lovers”

TIP OF THE DAY: Mix Crudités With Green Salads

Mix it up: a green salad with crudites, figs and nuts. Photo courtesy La Tourangelle.   We were facing lot of leftover crudités—raw broccoli, cauliflower, green beans and sugar snap peas—among traditional salad ingredients like carrots, cherry tomatoes and radishes. Why is it that we normally toss the carrots, tomatoes and radishes into a green… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Mix Crudités With Green Salads”

FOOD FILM: Three Stars ~ Three-Star Michelin Chefs

We were excited when we were invited to see the new film, “Three Stars,” a documentary that showcases 10 of the world’s Michelin three-star chefs.* Also featured is Jean-Luc Naret, director of the Guide Michelin, founded in 1900. He provides insights into the rating system and the economic and personal benefits of earning that third… Continue reading “FOOD FILM: Three Stars ~ Three-Star Michelin Chefs”