In the 19th century, the British living in India drank ale from England—largely because the Indian water supply had microbes that caused digestive problems to foreigners not raised on it. But not all beer could withstand the long journey to India in a hot ship’s hold. A style evolved—India Pale Ale or IPA—that had higher… Continue reading “FOOD HOLIDAY: National IPA Day”

TIP OF THE DAY: Try A New Sandwich For National Sandwich Month

While the Earl of Sandwich is credited with “inventing” the sandwich in 1762, he actually only introduced the concept to western Europe. The principle of bread and a filling likely dates back to around 9000 B.C.E., when man first harvested grain and created unleavened flatbreads. Flatbread rolled with a filling became common to early cultures… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Try A New Sandwich For National Sandwich Month”

TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: CapaBunga Wine Bottle Cap

CapaBunga is an airtight cap for open wine bottles. No leaks ever again! Photo courtesy CapaBunga.   Cowabunga dudes: We just love the Capabunga. We get lots of pitches for gadgets that are also-rans. But every so often, we find something that’s simply superb. That’s how we feel about CapaBunga. And most of us can… Continue reading “TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: CapaBunga Wine Bottle Cap”

PRODUCT: Lindt HELLO Chocolate Collection

Have you ever thought about chocolate with a personality? Lindt’s new HELLO Assortment actually reaches out to you: “HELLO, here I am! Nice to sweet you!…Let me sweeten your day with yummy chocolates.” “Take me. taste me. Love me!” it beckons. It’s hard to say no to an offer like that. Lindt is the world’s… Continue reading “PRODUCT: Lindt HELLO Chocolate Collection”