TIP OF THE DAY: Purslane

Many of the greens we enjoy today began life as weeds. They showed up, uninvited, in gardens and fields. Given the scarcity of food, they were gathered and brought to the kitchen. While some of these intruders were distasteful (or even poisonous), others were welcome, including dandelion greens and mache (lamb’s quarters), which has become… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Purslane”

FOOD FUN: Pizza Ravioli

We had fun eating the “pizza ravioli” from Giovanni Rana restaurant and pasticceria in New York City’s Chelsea Market. Jumbo cheese ravioli are deep fried and topped with a fresh tomato and basil sauce, then garnished with more of the fresh basil. You’ve got a crisp “crust,” cheese, tomato sauce and basil: a fun first… Continue reading “FOOD FUN: Pizza Ravioli”