FOOD FUN: Potato Smashers

Potato smashers—tasty and fun to smash. Photo courtesy   The name “smashed potatoes” has already been claimed for roughly mashed potatoes with the skins on. So this recipe is called Potato Smashers. We love smashing the potatoes (or the kids will enjoy doing it for you). And the prep time is just 5 minutes,… Continue reading “FOOD FUN: Potato Smashers”

TIP OF THE DAY: Turn Leftovers Into Ragout (Stew)

The term ragoût (rah-GOO) may sound fancy, but it’s the French word for stew. When you make a quick-and-easy version from leftovers, it’s certainly more tempting-sounding than “leftovers stew.” The word origin is a bit more glamorous: ragoûter, meaning “to revive the taste.” And yes, it’s etymologically related to the Italian ragù, a sauce for… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Turn Leftovers Into Ragout (Stew)”