RECIPE: Kahlùa Ice Cream Float

Cool off with coffee liqueur and ice cream. Photo courtesy Polar Seltzer.   We’re in for another few really hot and humid days. A cup of hot coffee has no appeal, but we could really go for a Kahlùa ice cream float. RECIPE: KAHLÙA ICE CREAM FLOAT Ingredients Kahlùa or other coffee liqueur Coffee or… Continue reading “RECIPE: Kahlùa Ice Cream Float”

TIP OF THE DAY: Frozen Lemonade

August 20th is National Lemonade Day. When life gives you a lemonade holiday, make frozen lemonade! We were inspired by the photo from Earl of Sandwich to make our own frozen lemonade. The ingredients are simple, but you need an ice cream machine to make a frozen slurry, as if you were making lemon sorbet.… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Frozen Lemonade”

PRODUCT: Shandy ~ Half Beer, Half Lemonade

Strawberry shandy. Photo courtesy Traveler Beer Company.   Shandy, short for shandygaff (no one knows the origin of the word), is beer diluted with a non-alcoholic beverage. It’s a traditional British pub drink that mixes lager with lemon soda, ginger ale or ginger beer. Carbonated lemonade, cider or other citrus-flavored soda can be used. Whatever… Continue reading “PRODUCT: Shandy ~ Half Beer, Half Lemonade”