VALENTINE’S DAY: Chocolate Martini

A Truffletini with a chocolate syrup garnish. Photo courtesy Godiva.   What better excuse for a Chocolate Martini than Valentine’s Day? We’re particularly fond of the Godiva Truffletini—so chocolaty that you can have it for dessert. It combines both the original chocolate and white chocolate Godiva liqueurs. But if you only want to buy one… Continue reading “VALENTINE’S DAY: Chocolate Martini”

TIP OF THE DAY: Heart-Shaped Brownies

Cut brownies with a heat-shaped cookie cutter. Photo courtesy California Avocado Commission.   If you have a heart-shaped muffin pan (mini cake pan), it’s easy to turn out heart-shaped brownies. And if you don’t, no problem: Turn a pan of brownies into a Valentine treat with your heart-shaped cookie cutters. 1. BAKE your favorite brownie… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Heart-Shaped Brownies”

VALENTINE FOOD: Heart Shaped Bagels

When bagels are made, ropes of dough are twisted into the familiar circular shape. So why not twist them into heart shapes? That’s what the bagel makers at Einstein Bros. Bagels and Noah’s New York Bagels have done—and they’ve thrown in some dried cranberries to replace the raisins in a cinnamon-raisin bagel. The love-worthy bagels… Continue reading “VALENTINE FOOD: Heart Shaped Bagels”