FOOD HOLIDAY: National Popover Day & National Cherry Popover Day

[1] You can use a regular muffin pan to make popovers. Special popover pans, like the one above, have deeper wells and make a taller, more dramatic looking popover (photo courtesy Chefs Catalog). [2] For National Cherry Popover Day, add dried cherries (photo courtesy Murrays Cheese. [3] Don’t forget the cherry preserves (photo courtesy Chukar… Continue reading “FOOD HOLIDAY: National Popover Day & National Cherry Popover Day”

RECIPE: Drink Your Kale!

It’s the perfect smoothie for St. Patrick’s Day and a way to drink kale. This “Lean, Mean, Green Smoothie” is from chef David Venable at QVC. It’s a more healthful libation than green beer and Irish coffee. “This smoothie is packed with good-for-you fruits and vegetables, but tastes like a sweet treat,” says David. “The… Continue reading “RECIPE: Drink Your Kale!”

TIP: It’s Time To Consider Less Salt

Anglesey salt, sold here under the brand name Halen Mon, is evaporated from Welsh sea water. Note that the crystals are square, not round. Photo by River Soma | THE NIBBLE   What’s the deal with salt, and why is the government trying to limit it in prepared foods? Everyone needs to eat a certain… Continue reading “TIP: It’s Time To Consider Less Salt”