PRODUCT: Walkers’s Scottie Dog Shortbread & Mini Scottie Dogs

Recently Walkers Shortbread unveiled the newest addition to their beloved Scottie Dog collection: Mini Scottie Dog Shortbread cookies. The pure-butter Mini Scottie “puppies” are made from 100% natural ingredients. They’re a treat for kids and adults. The Mini Scottie Dogs are available for purchase online at and at select specialty retailers nationwide. For extra… Continue reading “PRODUCT: Walkers’s Scottie Dog Shortbread & Mini Scottie Dogs”

TIP OF THE DAY: Blood Oranges

A blood orange can be thing of beauty. Photo of the Moro variety courtesy   Blood orange season is upon us. Blood oranges can be a thrill (sweet and luscious) or a disappointment (bland), depending on the grower’s rootstock, the climate and the season. You never know what you’re going to get, but the… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Blood Oranges”

RECIPE: Ladybugs On A Stick

Crunchy, fun and good for you. Photo courtesy California Avocado Commission.   Move over, Ants On A Log, the childhood classic made from celery-stuffed cream cheese topped with raisins. Ladybugs On A Stick have no cholesterol, the fat from avocado oil is super-healthy, and the tomatoes are lower in calories and more nutritious than raisins.… Continue reading “RECIPE: Ladybugs On A Stick”