EARTH DAY: Water Bottle Crisis

Every year 68 billion plastic water bottles are consumed in the U.S. The majority of them end up in landfill. Divided among the population, this means a per capita consumption of some 30.8 gallons of bottled water. According to the International Bottled Water Association, the U.S. bottled water per capita was up 5.3% in 2012,… Continue reading “EARTH DAY: Water Bottle Crisis”

TIP OF THE DAY: Vegan Wraps For Earth Day

We’re recommending vegan wraps for Earth Day. Animal-free foods are more sustainable, so today’s the day for a vegan lunch. These two recipes were sent to us from Red Rock Press, from their book, A White House Garden Cookbook by Clara Silverstein. Both are lettuce wraps, but you can also use tortilla wraps. The first… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Vegan Wraps For Earth Day”

FOOD FUN: Ham & Cheddar Polenta Fries

Here’s something fun to make with leftover Easter ham: potato-free Ham and Cheddar Polenta Fries. The recipe is from QVC’s chef, David Venable. David says, “These polenta fries can be eaten as an appetizer or a side, and can be served with anything from honey-mustard to aioli.” RECIPE: HAM & CHEDDAR POLENTA FRIES Ingredients 1… Continue reading “FOOD FUN: Ham & Cheddar Polenta Fries”

TIP OF THE DAY: Leftover Ham Recipes

Use leftover ham in a delicious bean soup. Photo courtesy QVC.   You can just enjoy so many ham sandwiches and ham scrambles with the leftover Easter ham. Here are two recipes from QVC’s David Venable, that take a different approach. RECIPE: WHITE BEAN SOUP WITH HAM This recipe uses the ham bone, hock, or… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Leftover Ham Recipes”