RECIPE: Blackberry Mojito

Enhance the celebration of National Mojito Day, July 11th. There’s enough red, white and blue here for Independence Day; but take advantage of summer’s lush blackberries to whip them up all season long. The Mojito (pronounced moe-hee-toe) is Cuba’s most famous cocktail. This variation adds fresh fruit to the original recipe. It is important that… Continue reading “RECIPE: Blackberry Mojito”

FOOD HOLIDAY: Celebrate National Mojito Day

July 11th is National Mojito Day, and the Hard Rock Cafe is mixing up a storm. They sent us three recipes. The classic Mojito is a blend of white rum, club soda, sugar/simple syrup, lime juice, mint leaves and ice. To vary the recipe, mixologists switch out the drink’s original muddled mint flavor with coconut,… Continue reading “FOOD HOLIDAY: Celebrate National Mojito Day”

PRODUCT: How To Enjoy Guava

As we did an online search for “guava” recently, we were surprised to find that “What color is guava?” scored 2,900 searches last month. There’s obviously an interest in guava. But have you ever tried one? Guava, also known as guayaba (the Spanish name) and Bangkok apple, is a round to oval shaped subtropical fruit… Continue reading “PRODUCT: How To Enjoy Guava”