TIP OF THE DAY: Eggnog French Toast

Eggnog French toast looks like the regular kind, but packs a punch of extra flavor. Photo courtesy Spice Islands.   Save some of tonight’s eggnog for tomorrow’s French Toast. Eggnog is substituted for the milk that’s normally beaten with the eggs. With this recipe, from Taste Of Home, prep time is 10 minutes, cook time… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Eggnog French Toast”

NEW YEAR: Consider Better-For-You Resolutions

Before making New Year’s resolutions, plan ahead. Start by reminding yourself that the stats are bleak. Some surveys indicate that only 8% of people who set New Year’s resolutions stick to them. In a recent poll conducted by ORC International for the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council, Americans said that some of the more challenging resolutions… Continue reading “NEW YEAR: Consider Better-For-You Resolutions”

RECIPE: Tiramisu Cocktail

The popular Italian dessert tiramisu is typically composed of layers of sponge or ladyfingers, soaked in espresso liqueur; then layered with a mascarpone cheese and custard mixture; then dusted with cocoa or shaved chocolate (here’s the history of tiramisu). Those jonesing for a rich and creamy tiramisu dessert can now quickly mix up an easy… Continue reading “RECIPE: Tiramisu Cocktail”

RECIPE: Sriracha Palmiers

Crusty, cheesy, spicy. Photo courtesy Pepperidge Farm.   A palmier (palm-YAY) is a sweet or savory cookie made from puff pastry; the pastry is folded to resemble palm leaves (palmiers) or elephant ears, depending on your perspective. The sweet versions are rolled in sugar; the savory versions are made with cheese—a variation of cheese straws.… Continue reading “RECIPE: Sriracha Palmiers”

TIP OF THE DAY: Appetizers With Champagne

As you’re getting ready to pop the cork on New Year’s Eve, what nibbles should you serve with the Champagne or other sparkling wine? Here are seven favorite pairings with Champagne. CAVIAR You don’t need the deep pockets for sturgeon caviar. Salmon caviar, trout caviar or whitefish caviar are just dandy. We enjoy serving them… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Appetizers With Champagne”