RECIPE: Tunisian Chickpea Soup (Leblebi)

This recipe came to us from our friends at Rancho Gordo, a great purveyor of heirloom beans. In Tunisia, chickpea soup is a street food, served as a hearty breakfast to men on their way to work. But you can garnish it and serve it at any meal. Middle Eastern cookbook author Aglaia Kremezi’s advises:… Continue reading “RECIPE: Tunisian Chickpea Soup (Leblebi)”

RECIPE: Elvis Burger

January 8th marks the birthday of “The King,” Elvis Presley. Today he’d have been 80 years old. Loyal fans celebrate the day with Elvis’s favorite sandwich: a fried peanut butter sandwich with sliced bananas and bacon. (The recipe: Make a PB sandwich on white bread, with sliced bananas and fried bacon. Brush the outsides with… Continue reading “RECIPE: Elvis Burger”

TIP OF THE DAY: Try A New Soup & The History Of Soup

It’s well below freezing in much of the country today: a good day to focus on soup. Every culture makes soup. It’s easy, filling and nutritious, and can be inexpensive. In much of the world it’s eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. January is National Soup Month. Rather than fall back on your favorites today,… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Try A New Soup & The History Of Soup”