RECIPE: Moroccan Baked Chicken & Olives

If you love to snack on olives, look for ways to add them to your main courses. We enjoy everything from olive mashed potatoes to olive omelets and olives in pasta. This classic Moroccan dish, courtesy of, combines chicken with briny olives and preserved lemons, which contribute their own special pickled taste. The result:… Continue reading “RECIPE: Moroccan Baked Chicken & Olives”

TIP OF THE DAY: Rethink Your Sandwiches

The new PB&J, battered and fried. Elvis would approve. Photo courtesy National Peanut Board.   As reported in, chefs nationwide are adding new life to sandwiches with simple ingredients switches. Some of them are fusion (adding an ingredient from a different culture’s cuisine), others are simply new interpretations of classics. Check out what they’re… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Rethink Your Sandwiches”

FOOD FUN: How Many Of These International Foods Have You Had?

Grilled halloumi cheese, which doesn’t lose its shape when heated. Photo by Ina Peters | IST.   No matter where it originated, you know a food is mainstream if you can find it in an English language dictionary. Burrito, sushi and quiche, for example, have been around for a while. But in 2014, other foodie… Continue reading “FOOD FUN: How Many Of These International Foods Have You Had?”