PRODUCT: Marilyn’s Gluten Free Gourmet

The gluten-free life can be a bit of a culinary safari. No sooner do you have the shy creature in sight, then it slips into the brush and you are left wistfully holding your binoculars, waiting for something else to emerge. This was the story of my favorite cheese crackers: They simply vanished for no… Continue reading “PRODUCT: Marilyn’s Gluten Free Gourmet”

FOOD HOLIDAY: National Frozen Food Day

While fresh is fashionable, we can’t ignore the importance of frozen foods today, National Frozen Food Day. Frozen food revolutionized the way Americans consume food. First came the joy of off-season fruits and vegetables (which are tastier and a fraction of the price when purchased frozen at their peak than shipped fresh from South America… Continue reading “FOOD HOLIDAY: National Frozen Food Day”

TIP: Microwave Kale Chips

“I am so sick of kale,” our friend Bonnie exclaimed, as we sat down to a restaurant lunch. We have nothing against a kale salad, but we were trended-out by the kale Caesar salad as a menu item. We wanted the original Caesar salad: We wanted romaine! The one thing we agreed upon was kale… Continue reading “TIP: Microwave Kale Chips”