ST. PATRICK’S DAY: Guacamole Recipe

What’s Irish about guacamole, the quintessential Mesoamerican sauce, we wondered as we saw the headline in the email for St. Patrick’s Day Guacamole, sent to us by the California Avocado Commission. The answer: the integration of Irish ingredients—bacon, carrots, Cheddar, onion, parsley—into conventional guacamole. The idea was developed by Sabrina Modelle of Alas, conventional… Continue reading “ST. PATRICK’S DAY: Guacamole Recipe”

TIP OF THE DAY: Green Macarons

Paris may not be as festive as Dublin or New York when it comes to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day; but rest assured, there are celebrations! Both expats and locals head to the city’s numerous Irish pubs and yes, there is green beer. (Who knew that Paris had “numerous Irish pubs?” Source) We, however, would head… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Green Macarons”