TIP: The New Linguine & Clam “Sauce”

If you make linguine and clam sauce the way most Americans do—with canned clams—try it the way they serve it at Olio e Piú in New York City. Eight whole steamed clams surround a plate of linguine. The linguine is cooked and tossed in olive oil with fresh parsley and placed in the center of… Continue reading “TIP: The New Linguine & Clam “Sauce””

RESTAURANT: Vermillion

Last night, while others were enjoying corned beef and cabbage with green beer, we broke with tradition in a big way. We dined at Vermillion in midtown Manhattan. The soaring, bi-level space is the New York branch of the Chicago Vermillion established by Rohini Dey, a former international banker and McKinsey consultant. Serving a unique… Continue reading “RESTAURANT: Vermillion”