FOOD HOLIDAY: National Bock Beer Day

A double bock beer from Samuel Adams, shown with a scattering of the hops used to brew it. Photo by Julia Tomases | THE NIBBLE.   Bock is the German word for strong, referring to a strong beer brewed from barley malt. It’s a dark, heavy, rich, sweet, complex beer, similar to Münchener* beers, but… Continue reading “FOOD HOLIDAY: National Bock Beer Day”

PRODUCT: Snappers ~ Pretzels, Chocolate & Caramel

March Madness is underway. At THE NIBBLE, it’s not just about rooting for your favorite college team(s). It’s what to snack on while you’re watching the games. Made by the third generation of a family whose grandparents established a soda fountain and confectionery in Pittsburgh, Snappers are a sweet-and-salty snack made from rectangular pretzels, drizzled… Continue reading “PRODUCT: Snappers ~ Pretzels, Chocolate & Caramel”

PRODUCT: Gluten-Free Walkers Shortbread

Our favorite Walkers Shortbread is chock-full of chocolate chips. Photo by Julia Tomases | THE NIBBLE.   Good news for gluten-free followers: Scotland’s Walkers Shortbread, beloved by many, now has GF options. And they’re delicious: the same pure buttery shortbread flavor, freed of gluten: Gluten Free Pure Butter Shortbread, the classic Gluten Free Chocolate Chip… Continue reading “PRODUCT: Gluten-Free Walkers Shortbread”

TIP OF THE DAY: Eat Sunny Food

It’s no fun looking out the window on the first day of spring, waiting for the snowfall to begin. So to counter the gray skies and eat something bright and sunny. Anticipating the weather, we acquired a ripe papaya and other fruits for this recipe from Hannah Kaminsky, who is wintering in Hawaii. “At the… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Eat Sunny Food”