FOOD FUN: Sashimi Cubes, 21st Century Sashimi Art

A sushi chef interprets sashimi for the 21st century. Photo courtesy RA Sushi | Orlando.   The sashimi tradition dates back to Japan’s Muromachi period, approximately 1337 to 1573 C.E. In the 1500s, when someone thought to cut up raw fish and dip the pieces into soy sauce, sashimi was born. The marriage with pads… Continue reading “FOOD FUN: Sashimi Cubes, 21st Century Sashimi Art”

TIP OF THE DAY: Fish Fillet Vs. Fish Steak

A salmon fillet: no bone, but skin on the bottom. Photo courtesy   You’ll note that some fish recipes, like the one below for Pretzel-Crusted Tuna, call for fish steaks. Other recipes call for fillets. What’s the difference? It’s all about the cut.   FISH FILLET To fillet (it’s a verb as well as… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Fish Fillet Vs. Fish Steak”

RECIPE: Pretzel Crusted Tuna

A delicious way to prepare tuna steaks: with a pretzel crust! Photo courtesy Bonefish Grill.   Beyond panko: Turn pretzels into a tasty crust for seared fish. We love the appeal of this seared tuna recipe from Bonefish Grill. Not only do we love tuna; but the pretzels offer a fun alternative to the sesame… Continue reading “RECIPE: Pretzel Crusted Tuna”