FOOD HOLIDAY: National Spinach Day

Popeye may have enjoyed his spinach straight from the can, but for today, National Spinach Day, we can come up with 20 better suggestions. BREAKFAST Spinach omelet or fritatta (recipe) Eggs Benedict With Spinach (recipe)   DIPS & SPREADS Green Mayonnaise (Julia Child’s recipe) Spinach Dip With Walnuts (recipe) Spinach Pesto (substitute spinach for the… Continue reading “FOOD HOLIDAY: National Spinach Day”

TIP OF THE DAY: Baby Purple Artichokes (Fiesole)

In season now, these little artichokes are a treat for artichoke lovers and a lovely shade of vegetable for Easter dinner. Called fiesole (fee-YEH-so-lay) in Italian, the baby purple artichoke—the size of a large egg—belongs to the botanical genus and species, Cynara scolymus, which includes the green globe artichokes and purple globe artichokes. Artichokes are… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Baby Purple Artichokes (Fiesole)”