FOOD FUN: Ice Cream Christmas Tree Ornaments

How clever is the Breyers Ice Cream employee who turned ice cream into Christmas tree ornaments? You can do it too, or hand it over to the tweens and teens to make with their friends. Breyers used a 1.5 quart container of their Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. You can, of course, use holiday flavors: candy… Continue reading “FOOD FUN: Ice Cream Christmas Tree Ornaments”

RECIPE: Gingerbread Cookie Dip & Spread

Yummy and easy dip for cookies, fruit and more. Photo courtesy QVC.   OMG, we haven’t even finished Thanksgiving leftovers but the countdown to Christmas is ON! If you’re too busy racing around and don’t have much time to prepare something special for family, friends or colleagues, here’s an easy treat from QVC’s chef David… Continue reading “RECIPE: Gingerbread Cookie Dip & Spread”

TIP OF THE DAY: Almost Apple Pie (Slow Cooker Apples)

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away (see below), it stands to reason that an apple dessert helps, too. We have two slow-cooker apple recipes for you today. The second is like apple pie filling. Both are classic fall and winter desserts, suitable for weeknights or for company. They can be served warm,… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Almost Apple Pie (Slow Cooker Apples)”

GIFTS: Stocking Stuffers, Part 1

For stocking stuffers, we look for special items around $10 (or less). Here’s the first bunch of gourmet foods we’d like to find in our stocking. ANNIE B’S CARAMELS In polka dot gift bags of 20 caramels, Annie B’s caramels are sure to please. The Signature Mix includes Butter Rum, Chocolate, Sea Salt and Original… Continue reading “GIFTS: Stocking Stuffers, Part 1”

TIP OF THE DAY: Duck Bacon

You’ll absolutely love it: duck bacon from D’Artagnan.   As a follow up to our article on ways to use duck fat, here’s how we use duck bacon. We love duck bacon. It has a wonderful flavor and is actually much leaner than pork bacon. It also leaves a less pervasive aroma to cling to… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Duck Bacon”