RECIPE: Green Candy Apples

For St. Patrick’s Day, make chocolate-covered apples with green-tinted white chocolate. Photo courtesy Aiya Matcha.   We received a recipe from Aiya Matcha, for Matcha White Chocolate Candy Apples. The matcha tea powder colors the chocolate green. Voilà: a snack for St. Patrick’s Day. We whipped up a batch. Matcha imparts a sophisticated flavor to… Continue reading “RECIPE: Green Candy Apples”

TIP OF THE DAY: Gochujang Sauce, The Next Sriracha

Over the past five years, sriracha, a Thai hot sauce which most of us had never heard of previously, has emerged as the hot sauce of choice. It’s more flavorful than many of the big-brand American hot pepper sauces that had long been the norm. But climbing up the ladder is a new (to most… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Gochujang Sauce, The Next Sriracha”

FOOD “HOLIDAY”: Caffeine Awareness Month

Top: People with no conflicting conditions can enjoy coffee 4 cups of brewed coffee daily. Want more? Switch to decaf (photo La Panineria). Bottom: Cold brew coffee, growing in popularity, has the most caffeine by a long shot (photo Seaworth Coffee).   March is Caffeine Awareness Month. The National Consumers League (NCL) shared these facts… Continue reading “FOOD “HOLIDAY”: Caffeine Awareness Month”