FOOD FUN: Lucky Charms Pudding Parfait

Lucky Charms Parfait for St. Patrick’s Day. Photo courtesy Elegant Affairs Caterers.   We love this idea from Elegant Affairs Caterers: a St. Patrick’s Day dessert or snack with Lucky Charms! Just use a green filling layer: pistachio Jell-O pudding, vanilla pudding or whipped cream tinted green, mint chip ice cream, etc. RECIPE: LUCKY CHARMS… Continue reading “FOOD FUN: Lucky Charms Pudding Parfait”

TIP OF THE DAY: Brazilian Cheese Bread, Pão de Queijo

On a recent trip to a churrascaria to indulge in the salad bar, our colleague Hannah Kaminsky discovered something more memorable than the jumbo asparagus and whole cloves of caramelized garlic: pão de queijo, Brazilian Cheese Bread. Not a conventional bread (no kneading required), pão de queijo (pow de KAY-zoo) is a Brazilian variation of… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Brazilian Cheese Bread, Pão de Queijo”