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FOOD FUN: Beer & Pretzel Hot Dog Buns

Pretzel Hot Dog Rolls Recipe

Split the roll, add the hot dog and bite! Photo of pretzel hot dog rolls courtesy


Want to be the hostess with the hostess or the host with the most?

Want to give friends and family a memorable hot dog experience?

Want to bring the best gift to a cookout?

Follow the path of the Domestic Gothess, who turned soft pretzel dough into hot dog buns. “They are surprisingly easy to make.” says the Gothess.

Yes, you can buy pretzel rolls at some stores, but these have much more pretzel flavor. They can also be used as sandwich rolls.

Don’t want beer in your bread? Just substitute water for the beer, like conventional soft pretzels.

Here’s the recipe. Ready, set, bake!

July is National Hot Dog Month!



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