FOOD FUN: Want Fries On Your Salad?

The Idaho Potato Commission develops many delicious potato recipes, incorporating trending food flavors into conventional preparations (harissa, sriracha), as well as new concepts like this one: French fries as a salad garnish. “The crisp flavors of a Greek salad harmonize effortlessly with seasoned fries, while a cool, tangy tzatziki sauce extends the Mediterranean theme,” they… Continue reading “FOOD FUN: Want Fries On Your Salad?”

TIP OF THE DAY: Holiday Bundt Cakes

Here’s the current selection of dozens of bundt pan designs. [1] Classic bundt served with bourbon pecan sauce (photo courtesy Spice Islands). [2] Pumpkin cake in the Elegant Party Bundt pan. [3] Gingerbread Cake in the Elegant Party Bundt. [5] Orange Bourbon Cake in the Heritage Bundt Pan ( (photos [3], [4] and [5] courtesy… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Holiday Bundt Cakes”