FOOD FUN: Rainbow Veggie Pizza

What’s at the end of the rainbow? A rainbow veggie pizza! This pizza is also a clever way to get the I-don’t-want-vegetables contingent to eat more of them. Thanks to Pampered Chef for the recipe.   RECIPE: RAINBOW VEGGIE PIZZA Ingredients 1 ball (16 ounces/450 g) fresh pizza dough Canola oil Assorted fresh vegetables such…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Vegetable Crudo, A New Way To Enjoy Raw Vegetables

RECIPE: S’mores Popcorn & More Recipes For National S’mores Day

This recipe for S’mores Popcorn comes from Valerie’s Home Cooking, a new cookbook by actress Valerie Bertinelli (photo #2). Valerie advises: “All I can do here is issue a warning: Get ready for an amazing, tasty, and addictive treat—and only eat these if you’re with someone who won’t mind your licking your fingers. “I was…
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