RECIPE: Black Ice Cream For Halloween

Is this black ice cream spooky enough for you? Perfect for Halloween, it’s actually part of a “Goth” ice cream trend that sprang up in Los Angeles as an alternative to unicorn/rainbow ice cream trend. We found this recipe at Baking Bites, a technique that uses activated charcoal to make a deathly black color with… Continue reading “RECIPE: Black Ice Cream For Halloween”

TIP OF THE DAY: Make Your Own Pumpkin Candies

[1] Pumpkin gummies for Halloween, or a Thanksgiving candy cornucopia. Photo and recipe from Hannah Kaminsky | Bittersweet Blog. [2] Don’t like gummies? You can melt white chocolate and add orange food color (photo Amazon).   With a $4.99 plastic mold, you can make your own Halloween Thanksgiving gummy candies for snacking or favors. It’s… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Make Your Own Pumpkin Candies”

HALLOWEEN: Chocolate Graveyard Shake

This nifty idea comes Lauren Toyota of Hot For Food, who created it as a nutritious vegan smoothie recipe. We adapted the concept as a chocolate-banana shake (peanut butter optional) with cow’s milk. You can: Use your milk of choice: almond milk, dairy milk, soy milk), or a blend. Add almond butter or peanut butter… Continue reading “HALLOWEEN: Chocolate Graveyard Shake”

TIP OF THE DAY: The History Of Halloween…And Fun Food Touches

Try your hand at latte art. Here’s a video showing how to create a jack o’ lantern in milk foam (photo Fig & Olive | Facebook). Or, make a latte ghost. How can you make breakfast more Halloweeny? Turn toaster waffles into bats (photo Good Food Made Simple | Facebook). [3] Mozzarella eyeball snaks, made… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: The History Of Halloween…And Fun Food Touches”

RECIPE: Halloween Sangria

[1] Halloween sangria substitutes beer for wine (photo courtesy Sid Wainer). [2] What’s the difference between apple juice and apple cider? See the answer below (photo courtesy Red Jacket Orchards). [3] Orange bitters are sold next to the Angostura bitters in most supermarkets. Or, make your own with this recipe from (photo by Red Jacket… Continue reading “RECIPE: Halloween Sangria”