TIP OF THE DAY: The History Of Halloween…And Fun Food Touches

Try your hand at latte art. Here’s a video showing how to create a jack o’ lantern in milk foam (photo Fig & Olive | Facebook). Or, make a latte ghost. How can you make breakfast more Halloweeny? Turn toaster waffles into bats (photo Good Food Made Simple | Facebook). [3] Mozzarella eyeball snaks, made… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: The History Of Halloween…And Fun Food Touches”

RECIPE: Halloween Sangria

[1] Halloween sangria substitutes beer for wine (photo courtesy Sid Wainer). [2] What?s the difference between apple juice and apple cider? See the answer below (photo courtesy Red Jacket Orchards). [3] Orange bitters are sold next to the Angostura bitters in most supermarkets. Or, make your own with this recipe from (photo by Red Jacket… Continue reading “RECIPE: Halloween Sangria”

RECIPE: Pull-Apart Cheese Bread, Or Halloween Brain Bread?

[1] . [2] Provolone, originally made in a round or oval shape, is now made in loaves and wheels as well (photo courtesy DiBruno Brothers).   Bel Gioioso, the Wisconsin-based Italian cheesemaker, sent us this pull-apart cheese bread recipe. A boule (ball)-style Italian pull-apart bread, it?s made with provolone cheese, marinara sauce, garlic and seasonings.… Continue reading “RECIPE: Pull-Apart Cheese Bread, Or Halloween Brain Bread?”

RECIPE: No Sugar Added Caramel Apples

If you love caramel apples but are cutting down on sugar, make your own with sugar-free caramels. Werther?s makes delicious sugar-free caramels in regular and chocolate-flavored. Pick up a few bags and get dipping! You can use the same recipe with regular caramels.     RECIPE: SUGAR-FREE CARAMEL APPLES Ingredients 5 Granny Smith apples (1-1/2… Continue reading “RECIPE: No Sugar Added Caramel Apples”

TIP OF THE DAY: Cooking With Pumpkin Liqueur

[1] For brunch, pumpkin liqueur French toast with an optional topping of sauteed apples (photo courtesy Domesticate Me | Peapod). [2] Baileys is one of a number of pumpkin liqueurs available in the fall (photo courtesy Baileys).   Last year we received a bottle of pumpkin liqueur, and put it to good use in Halloween… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Cooking With Pumpkin Liqueur”