TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Biotta Organic Juices & More Good-For-You Foods

[1] Biotta, king of bottled organic juices, is available in 10 flavors (photo courtesy Biotta). [2] An egg-cellent grab-and-go snack from Pete & Gerry’s. [3] Tasty, hydrating watermelon juice Photo courtesy Tsamma Juice | AJC.   This edition of Top Pick Of The Week contains the tastiest good-for-you products. Our Top Pick, Biotta Organic Juices,… Continue reading “TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Biotta Organic Juices & More Good-For-You Foods”

TIP OF THE DAY: Fun Flavored Ice Cubes

We thought our own ice cube tips were creative: freezing coffee, fruit, herbs, juice, lemonade, vegetables, tea, wine—even bouillon for Bloody Marys. We don’t like melting ice cubes to dilute our drinks, so we freeze the same liquid (e.g. iced tea cubes for iced tea) or a complimentary flavor (e.g., blueberry or other fruit juice… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Fun Flavored Ice Cubes”

TIP OF THE DAY: Glam Your Homemade Lemonade

August 20th is National Lemonade Day (National Watermelon Day is August 3rd). If the only lemonade you drink comes from a bottle, you’ve never experienced real lemonade (We give a waiver to Mike’s Hard Lemonade, a line of carbonated, flavored malt liquor drinks in a dozen or so flavors. It’s not lemonade per se, but… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Glam Your Homemade Lemonade”

RECIPE: Peach Iced Tea

A couple of days ago, we presented peach drinks with alcohol. Today, we have a favorite recipe for all, peach iced tea. You can make this recipe anytime with frozen peaches; but there is nothing better than puréeing ripe, luscious summer peaches. Keep an eye out for “specials” at the store: peaches have achieved peak… Continue reading “RECIPE: Peach Iced Tea”

FOOD FUN: Watermelon Iced Tea

[1] Basic watermelon iced tea, recipe below (photo courtesy Republic Of Tea). [2] Watermelon-pomegranate green iced tea. Here’s the recipe from [3] Fresh herbs and watermelon are a delightful pair. Here’s a recipe for Watermelon Basil Iced Tea from The Candid Appetite.   It’s a magical August day here: lower-than-average temperature, low humidity. It’s… Continue reading “FOOD FUN: Watermelon Iced Tea”