TIP OF THE DAY: Breakfast Tartines

Tartine is the French word for an open-faced sandwich with a rich spread or fancy topping. The word actually refers to a slice of bread. Tartine is the French diminutive of the Old French and Middle English tarte, derived from the Late Latin torta, a type of bread*. We have a childhood recollection of a…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Hong Kong Waffles, Bubble Waffles, Egg Waffles


PRODUCT: Wafels & Dinges Belgian Waffles

March 25th is International Waffle Day. Fortunately, we live in New York City, where it is easy to get authentic Brussels and Liège waffles*, thanks to Wafels & Dinges. The company operates food trucks and kiosks. If you’re hesitant to take on the carbs, give yourself a treat: They’re worth it. In fact, the plain…
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ST. PATRICK’S DAY: Two Takes On A Green Pancakes Recipe

Green pancakes with optional Lucky Charms (photo courtesy I Heart Naptime). The marshmallows have been plucked from the cereal. Lucky Charms cereal (photo courtesy General Mills).   From Jamielyn of I Heart Naptime, Saint Patrick’s breakfast includes green pancakes with Lucky Charms, green milk (use food color) and rainbow fruit parfaits. She says, “Every once…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Alternative Grain Porridge For Breakfast

[1] Quinoa porridge topped with spiced apples and cottage cheese (photo courtesy Muuna). [2] Amaranth porridge with almond milk and maple syrup. Here’s the recipe from Food Heaven Made Easy. [3] Elegant presentation: cooked farro pressed into a ring mold, unmolded and topped with fruit, at Villard Restaurant | Lotte New York Palace Hotel. [4]…
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